Art Overload!

Since Liam was quite young, I’ve always encouraged him to draw/paint/create.  As well as it being a great activity we can enjoy together, it’s also a brilliant sensory experience for him.

Our artist in action on his 1st birthday

Our artist in action on his 1st birthday

The above resulted in a great memento of his first birthday

1st birthday

1st birthday

This may have created the ‘monster’ I now have, who loves to draw and paint any chance he gets (especially it seems when he is dressed up ready to go somewhere – oh well, it could be worse!).

This morning I spent some time going through Liam’s PILE of artwork.  As hard as it was, I have parted with some of the ‘lesser’ creations (I feel terrible even writing that), as if we continue to keep EVERYTHING he creates the house will be overrun in no time.

We have a couple of display areas throughout the house – my favourite is the display in the study which I updated this morning.


It's a wall of art!

It’s a wall of art!

I used removable hooks from Bunnings (around $7 for a pack of 20) to hang the string from, and I also used the same hooks to hang the canvases from.

Once Aiden starts creating, I have no idea how I’m going to display/store it all!  I’d love to hear your suggestions!