September Reflection

Our month didn’t start off the best with Scott having fall on his bike, resulting in a broken collar bone and ac joint.  On

the plus side – for him at least – he got a new bike out of it.



Our patient

Our patient

The boys and I spent a large part of last month back in Bendigo on baby watch.  It was lovely to spend so much time with our family and friends.  Normally when we visit we are trying to cram so much into such a small amount of time.  The change in weather was certainly a shock to us all – it’s so cold down here even the trees need extra layers!



There has been a lot of baking this month!  I am currently in LOVE with Nigella Lawson’s ‘How to be a Domestic Goddess’ – thinking of making her Chocolate Marsala cake today..  Liam is always trying to muscle in and try whatever we are eating.  It’s hard to resist when he uses his manners and smiles so sweetly at you – he was not impressed last night when this effort didn’t pay off….

I'd really like some Mum!!

I’d really like some Mum!!

As we’re kind of on holidays, I’ve been taking the boys on a few outings and Liam has loved exploring new places and having new experiences.

Clay play at the Bendigo Pottery

Clay play at the Bendigo Pottery

Highlights of our month were:

* Spending time with my sister in lead up to her bubs arrival

* Tiffany reaching 37 weeks and officially being ‘full term’

* Liam chattering away, and finally mastering the use of ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.  Please is such a nicer alternative to ‘more’ and finger pointing.  Now if only he could learn to pronounce the ‘T’ in truck as it can sound like something else sometimes….

* Aiden is starting to put on more weight and now weighs 4.5kg!

* Completing another month of FatMumSlim’s Photo a Day challenge – who is going to join me for October?

One of my favourite photos from September's challenge - prompt is 'space'

One of my favourite photos from September’s challenge – prompt is ‘space’

The ‘lowlight’ of the month has certainly being away from Scott for the past two weeks.  We have all missed him, especially when both of the boys have wanted cuddles during the night.  He is coming down later this week to help me take the boys home.

We've all missed Daddy x

We’ve all missed Daddy x

I hope everyone has had a great month xx

FatMumSlim September Photo a Day Challenge

For the last month I have been participating in the FatMumSlim Photo a Day Challenge.  I’ve tried it a couple of times in the past, but have always given up after a week or two.  I’m proud to say I have not missed a day this month!  I’ve really enjoyed it, some days it’s been a challenge to find a subject for the days’ prompt, however it’s been fun to think creatively (some days anyway) and not just be taking photos of the boys and the dog – although they have appeared in a few photos….  I have just used my iPhone for these photos, as it’s the easiest way to upload to instagram – which I am now addicted to instead of Candy Crush (which is a good thing).

The prompt list for September has now been released – see link.  Who is game to join in?  FAQ’s and further information is available on FatMumSlim’s website & you are welcome to follow me on instagram – laurenm8311 or I will be posting on here as well.

Have fun!


Day 23 prompt was ‘Yellow’