Saturday Mornings

Being a stay at home mum, it can sometimes seem like each day is the same.  The boys still need to be fed/dressed/bathed and entertained no matter what the day of the week.

There is something special about Saturday mornings though that I love.  It’s still the three of us when we wake up, as Scott will have already left for his morning ride, everything just seems to be more relaxed. I love being able to spend time together, and Liam being the Daddy’s boy that he is just follows Scott around all day.

This morning I took the opportunity of having Mum look after the boys whilst I went down to the park for a run/walk.  Although it was FREEZING (think jumper, long pants) it was still a beautiful morning and has started my weekend on a positive note – especially since I was able to run 2 laps of the lake without stopping (2.8km – woohoo!!)

All I need now is a coffee and I will be having the perfect Saturday morning!

What is your perfect morning?