Our Bedtime Routine

It’s no secret that I like to be organised – or at least feel like I am organised!  Having a routine is vital for me to get through the day – especially with the two boys  When Liam was around 10 weeks old, I made the decision to start following a routine, especially around bedtime.  It was starting to get ridiculous – his bedtime kept stretching out further and further, until he was going to bed after 10pm.  I know routines are not for everyone, but in those early days I was willing to try anything to help me feel more in control. Then following Aiden’s arrival, it became more important for me to have some kind of structure for bedtime, otherwise things would quickly go downhill fast – as I discovered a few too many times!

In our house, it’s an early dinner for the boys before we head upstairs for baths, stories and milk before bed.  Bath time has always been one of the highlights of our day, if Liam is in a cranky mood (which often happens around the infamous ‘witching hour’), having a play and wash in the bath always cheers him up – especially when Aiden joins him in there.

It can be easy to get caught up in the processes of getting the boys ready for bed, I found myself on ‘autopilot’ bathing and dressing the boys and getting them ready for bed, and not really enjoying the time.  I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to review Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Bath, Lotion and Oil, as it’s made me slow down and enjoy our pre bed routine more.

Reading through the product information I received, it all made sense – following a three step routine – a warm bath using Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Bath, Massage with Baby Bedtime Lotion and then quiet time, is clinically proven to help babies fall asleep easier, sleep longer and perhaps most importantly reduce tension and anxiety in Mums (which I’m definitely all for!). We’ve always used Johnson’s baby products – mainly because I can remember them from my own childhood, but I hadn’t used the bedtime products since the early days with Liam.

Both the boys love having a bath together, and the bubbles create by the Bedtime Bath were a big hit!  I’m always wary of the boys skin drying out when using new products (as my skin is really prone to dryness), but they both came out smelling lovely and feeling soft.   I’ve never really given the boys a massage after their baths, it always been a quick application of sorbelene cream if needed, some nappy free time and then they are dressed.  After using the Bedtime Lotion and Oil to give Aiden a massage, I know I have been missing out!


Aiden just loved his massage.  We first used the Bedtime Lotion, and then the Bedtime Baby Oil, I was only a couple of minutes in before his eyes started glazing over.  Running my hands down his arms and legs I could feel his was totally chilled out.

Not wanting to miss out, Liam then bounded over and started to give himself a massage – he was a little confused as to what the Baby Bedtime Oil was, calling it water and trying to drink it!


Amazingly, Liam was able to keep still for a few minutes whilst I rubbed in the enormous amount of Lotion and Oil he had poured onto his belly (a little goes a long way), he too began to relax and the familiar sleepy eye glaze began to take over.  Afterwards, both boys were relaxed and content as well as both smelling lovely and their skin was beautiful and soft.  Then after their bedtime milk and a story (ok a few stories) they easily went off to bed.

As well as both the boys enjoying their bath and massage, I also really enjoyed slowing down and enjoying special moments with them both.  They are both growing up too fast – Liam will be 2 next week (eek!) – and I know as they get older these special, quiet moments will become few and far between.  We’ve now made an after bath massage with our Bedtime Lotion and OIl part of our bedtime routine.  It certainly helps both of my boys wind down and relax at the end of their day, and it has been easier to settle them both in bed, and they do both sleep through the night (even if it’s not in their own bed).  Now if only Johnson’s could come up a product to help Liam sleep all night in his own bed – rather than finding him on his floor/under his bed/hallway or couch in the mornings I would really appreciate it!!

johnson and johnson

I’d love to hear from you – do you follow a bedtime routine? What do you do to help your kids wind down before bed?


I received this product for the specific purpose of providing an honest review. No financial compensation was received and all opinions are my own