My 3/4 Year Resolutions

There are just 14 weeks left until the end of 2013…. FOURTEEN WEEKS!  That’s just over a quarter of the year left to go and only 13 weeks until Christmas (you can thank me later for that reminder).

Rather than waiting for the new year to make resolutions, I’ve decided to make a few promises to myself – starting now.

  • Stop and enjoy the moment. Whether it be playing with the boys, reading stories or just having a quiet coffee whilst they are both asleep, rather than thinking about what I need to do next, or worrying about the mess being made/what we should be doing instead I am going to just STOP and enjoy as I will never have this time back.
  • Having time to myself regularly is non negotiable.  Since I have an abundance of babysitters whilst we are visiting, it has made me realise even just getting out by myself for 45 minutes to go for a walk in the mornings makes me happier and more relaxed, which in turn makes me a better Mum.  A quick catch up with a friend for an hour without the boys reminds me that I can have a conversation which doesn’t revolve around the kids.
  • Make the most of everyday.  We have been lucky enough to have some gorgeous weather the past few days. Instead of sitting around, I’ve been making an effort to get out and about, whether it be down to the park for a play or a day trip. We are having new experiences and creating new memories
  • Take more photos of myself with the boys. Each week I vow to have one photo of myself with either both or one of the boys.


What are you going to do to see out 2013 on a high?


Me time...

Enjoying some ‘me’ time…

The week that was….

We’ve been back in Victoria for a week now… and STILL NO BABY!!  I shouldn’t complain, Tiff was only 36 weeks yesterday, so hopefully bub stays put for another week or so.

A beautiful bump x

A beautiful bump x


The boys have been fantastic, Liam in particular is having a ball with so many new things to look at and do.  He is fascinated watching the cars and trucks driving past Nan’s house.  He also loves saying ‘truck’ and ‘beep beep’. It would be nice if he pronounces the ‘T’ a bit clearer, as it can be confused with another word…..  He is also loving spending time with his Nanas and Poppy and also his Aunty and Uncle.  We are all missing Daddy, Liam loves talking to him on the phone.

Liam LOVES watching the trucks

Liam LOVES watching the trucks

Story time with Nan

Story time with Nan


Aiden is also having lots of special cuddles – he has been going through a growth spurt the past week and we are now officially in 000s!!!

Special time with Nan

Special time with Nan


The weather hasn’t been too bad.  It’s certainly much cooler than back home, but we’ve at least had a few days of sunshine.


The highlight of the week was our lunch today to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Tiff’s new bub.  Living interstate we often miss out on a lot of family events, so it’s really special when we can be involved too.

baby shower cake 2 copy

How has your week been?

The Special Moments

Looking at my now almost 20 month old toddler, I’m reminded at how quickly the time passes and how we can get so caught up in life that we don’t appreciate and savour the special moments of a newborn baby.  I struggle to remember so many of the simple things when Liam was really young, as at the time I was so focused on him moving forward, whether it was with his weight gain or reaching developmental milestones.   This is why I am trying to make the time to enjoy the sweet and simple baby moments with Aiden as I know it will be all too soon and he will also be tearing around the house.  These are some of my favourites….

  • The special time we share when are staring at me whilst feeding
  • When all you want is to be picked up and cuddled and settle as soon as you are in my arms
  • Your first smiles
  • How little you look when you are curled up asleep on your Dad’s chest
  • When you hold onto my finger and don’t want to let go
  • The quiet time we share when it’s just the two of us awake in the middle of the night
  • Laying down with you and appreciating how big and new your world is
  • Your suprised expressions as you experience new sensations
  • The hours that fly by when I’m watching you sleep
  • Your contented look when you have fallen asleep with a full belly
  • The feeling of your gentle breathing on my skin
  • The moment when I realise you totally rely on us and we are your whole world

What other special baby memories do you have?

So sweet x

So sweet x

August Reflection

Wow, another month has flown by (just saying that makes me feel really old!)…. This morning I sat down to reflect on what has happened over the past four weeks, overall we’ve had a pretty good month!

  • We’re LOVING this warmer weather! It’s been much easier to get motivated to go out for a morning walk and we are spending a lot more time outside.  It’s also a reminder that summer is not far away and I have been trying to exercise more (the Michelle Bridges DVDs nearly KILL me) so I don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe of summer clothes.


  • I survived being a ‘single mum’ for a week when Scott was interstate looking after his Dad.  Interestingly things ran a lot smoother and we were all calmer whilst he was away…….
  • Aiden is now three months old, is almost 4kg (we are soooo close) and is waking only 1-2 times during the night.  What we thought was reflux, turned out to be Influenza B.. Luckily we have avoided any hospital stays (touch wood).


  • Liam has developed an attitude over the past few weeks, and is very keen on seeing how much he can get away with. His new tricks include climbing up onto the kitchen bench and turning on the taps in the sink, throwing dirt at Saxon and doing the vacuuming.

    Yes, he is still in his Pjs and eating tiny teddies on the couch...

    Yes, he is still in his Pjs and eating tiny teddies on the couch…

  • The boys had a great visit with their cousins from Darwin. They loved visiting SeaWorld & Movieworld and we are getting our money’s worth from our annual passes.  It was chaotic at time with four boys under 3, but good chaos!
  • I have been doing a menu plan for the last three weeks, and have been doing just one grocery shop a week. I do nearly have a heart attack at the cost, however when I looked at what we spend throughout the week otherwise, we are ahead.  We are both eating much better too – thanks Michelle Bridges!
  • Yesterday I officially completed a whole month of the FatMumSlim photo a day challenge!  To top it off, my photo from day 29 ‘lucky’ was picked as one of the ‘fab four’ from the entries on Instagram.  Who is joining me this month?
Day 29 - Lucky

‘Fab Four’ Photo Day 29 – Lucky

  • I started this blog!  After thinking about doing it for such a long time, I finally took the plunge.  It’s been a great excuse to do some more baking, although I need some more volunteers to give my treats too as poor Scott has been taking it all to work.

How was your month?


A few years ago I bought a ‘Gratitude Journal’ from one of my favourite stores – Kikki K.  At the end of each day I would write in the journal three things that I was grateful for that had happened that day. I recently found the journal whilst trying to clean up our pigsty of a study and sat down to read through it – it was bizzare to think how much my life has changed since then….

23rd August 2010

  • Having a productive day at work, although it was busy, still was able to get a lot of things done.
  • I made myself go out of the office and have a proper lunch break – great timing as Cue was having a sale!
  • Going to my accupuncturist appointment, enjoying the session and coming out feeling so relaxed afterwards

25th September 2010

  • Getting my morning walk done before it started to rain.
  • Spending time with Scott just relaxing and watching a dvd.
  • Motivating myself to do all of the ironing, feeling much happier that it is all done now!

Over the past few weeks I’ve again started sitting down at the end of the day and thinking about three things I am grateful for that day, and writing them down. It’s not a novel, just a few words that I can then look back on and remember that things aren’t so bad.  Even after a challenging day, when I have to REALLY try and wrack my brain to think of something, it’s a nice positive way to end the day.

What I am grateful for…..

  • A great husband who is still putting up with me after 11 years
  • Although we’ve had a lot of challenges over the past 5 years, we now have two happy and healthy boys
  • Walking down to the local park to feed the ducks with the boys
  • Watching Liam happily playing outside with the dog
  • I have wonderful friends, both old and new who I can always count on
  • Taking some time to myself and going for a run/going to the gym
  • The weather where we live is fantastic and we can spend lots of time outside
  • Being able to enjoy a very social lifestyle whilst I’m off work at the moment!
  • Both of the boys are good sleepers – I have a baby who is only waking 1-2 times through the night (really hoping I don’t jinx this) and Liam is still sleeping through
  • Enjoying the peace and quiet of early morning feeds whilst having a coffee and watching the sun come up

You don’t always have to be grateful for deep and meaningful things….

  • Zaraffa’s is on the way home from Liam’s kindy AND they have a drive through
  • Now that it’s getting warmer I am enjoying having Iced Latte’s again – should I be concerned there is a coffee theme going on??
  • Walking into Target and there is a spot sale on baby clothes
  • Feeling less scruffy after having eyebrows waxed
  • Sense of achievement after putting away 3 days worth of washing.. and vowing never to let it build up again… just doesn’t happen though

Will you accept the challenge to think of three things you are grateful for each day?

My Sunrise - 11th August 2013

My Sunrise – 11th August 2013