A good day

I’m just over halfway through FatMumSlim October Photo a Day Challenge, and I’m very pleased to say I haven’t  missed a day since I started in August!  Yesterday’s prompt was ‘a good day’ and my interpretation was capturing a feeling/experience during the day which symbolised this.  As per the rules, you only post one photo per prompt/day.

Such a beautiful day!

Such a beautiful day!

Normally this isn’t a problem for me, but yesterday I found it really hard.  Throughout the day, there were many moments where I reflected on how lucky I am to be having these experiences with my family:

* Running 3km in 23mins (non stop) at the gym this morning – woohoo!

* Watching the big smiles on Liam’s face during his swimming lesson with Dad

* Finding an awesome pink chair for the study – thanks Ikea!

How awesome is this chair!

How awesome is this chair!

* Pretending to be potential home buyers whilst we sticky beaked at an open home near us!

* Going out for lunch with all of my boys

* Enjoying the gorgeous Spring weather whilst we explored the city

Liam loved spending time with his Dad today!

Liam loved spending time with his Dad today!

* Watching Liam hold Aiden’s hand whilst in the pram together

* Finding the perfect dress for Scott’s Christmas party!

Love it!

Love it!

* Watching the boys sleeping peacefully after their big day

Goodnight Aiden xx

Goodnight Aiden xx

I hope you are all having a great weekend, and had a great day no matter what you got up to x

New Accessory

When it came to decorating the boys rooms, I was adamant they would be different.  I didn’t want Aiden’s room to be a mirror image of his brothers, or full of hand me downs. We decided (really I decided) to steer away from all white furniture as we had in Liam’s room, and went for a timber look, with bright wall decals and pictures.  The room still felt ‘not finished’ and I’ve been on the look out for awhile trying to find some unique accessories.

Whilst in Bendigo recently, I came across a gorgeous kids store called Milt & Joe.  My sister had told me about it and when I walked in I was in LOVE! It was so hard not to go crazy, I was very good and restrained myself to buying just a few things, one of which was a ‘little lamb garland’ by Down to the Woods.  I finally got around to hanging it today, and I’m really happy with how it looks.

aidens room


My 3/4 Year Resolutions

There are just 14 weeks left until the end of 2013…. FOURTEEN WEEKS!  That’s just over a quarter of the year left to go and only 13 weeks until Christmas (you can thank me later for that reminder).

Rather than waiting for the new year to make resolutions, I’ve decided to make a few promises to myself – starting now.

  • Stop and enjoy the moment. Whether it be playing with the boys, reading stories or just having a quiet coffee whilst they are both asleep, rather than thinking about what I need to do next, or worrying about the mess being made/what we should be doing instead I am going to just STOP and enjoy as I will never have this time back.
  • Having time to myself regularly is non negotiable.  Since I have an abundance of babysitters whilst we are visiting, it has made me realise even just getting out by myself for 45 minutes to go for a walk in the mornings makes me happier and more relaxed, which in turn makes me a better Mum.  A quick catch up with a friend for an hour without the boys reminds me that I can have a conversation which doesn’t revolve around the kids.
  • Make the most of everyday.  We have been lucky enough to have some gorgeous weather the past few days. Instead of sitting around, I’ve been making an effort to get out and about, whether it be down to the park for a play or a day trip. We are having new experiences and creating new memories
  • Take more photos of myself with the boys. Each week I vow to have one photo of myself with either both or one of the boys.


What are you going to do to see out 2013 on a high?


Me time...

Enjoying some ‘me’ time…