22,000 photos and my first Giveaway!

In this age of smartphones and tablets, the urge to capture EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of our lives can be overwhelming.  Taking photos of everything from what we had for breakfast, places we visit and capturing our children’s first smiles are now the norm – I know I’m certainly guilty of it!  This compulsion has led to me having over 22,000 photos saved to our computer, as well as 4500 + photos on my phone!

It has gotten to the point, where I now regularly receive an error message that I am unable to take further photos/install apps etc as my memory is full.  Now I am sensible, and I do upload my photos into IPhoto and ICloud often.  But I still can’t delete the photos off my phone – who knows when I will want to sit and browse through the precious memories of the past few years.

Going back 15 years ago to when I was in high school, we never had digital cameras.  In fact it was a big deal if we owned our own camera rather than just using our parents.  Photos were carefully staged and considered (maybe not so much if a few drinks were involved) before being taken, and we would then wait the week or so to have our prints developed – as let’s face it when we were being paid $5 an hour for our afterschool jobs, you would only part with minimum cash.

I have been incredibly slack the past few years when it comes to printing out our photos.  I made a half hearted attempt to create a baby album for Liam, and I’m ashamed to say I haven’t even started one for Aiden.  We’ve had newborn photos taken for both of the boys, and whilst a few of the pictures are on display, there are a huge amount of photos still hidden away on our computer.

When the opportunity to review a Photobook by PhotoBox came up, I thought it would be a great chance to use the newborn photos of both the boys.

Initially I tried to cull the amount of photos I was using down to 20 or so for each of the boys, but after looking through all the different layout options I decided to go ahead and use ALL of their photos (around 85 between them). Just sitting down looking through all the photos we had was wonderful, and reinforced the need to have more on display and in albums.

I chose the classic design, and kept my book simple and didn’t add captions to the pages as I wanted the photos to really standout.  The photo books come with 26 pages, but you do have the opportunity to add more pages if you wish.  You can also choose the option for the site to arrange your pictures, however being the control freak that I am, I instead chose to individually design and arrange each page.  I was easily able to include all 85 photos within the 26 pages, and found it really easy to select different layouts for each page, and modify/move the photos around as I went.  I also really liked the feature which displayed only the photos you had left to add as you went along… this was especially helpful if you are like me and have developed a memory like a sieve since having kids.


My book arrived really quickly, just five business days after I ordered it, which in the lead up to Christmas I was really impressed with.  I waited until the boys were in bed before I sat down with a coffee (of course) and looked through my book.  I was really impressed with how it turned out. The finish is fantastic, and the photos look amazing – even the black and white shots looked perfect.  I was tempted to gift it to the boys’ Nan as a Christmas gift, but instead I’m keeping it all for myself and it now lives on the coffee table where I can (and have been) looking at it all of the time.


This has now given me the motivation I needed to sit down and start the MAMMOTH job of sorting through our photos, and ordering a few more photo books to display our memories.  Also with Christmas coming up, it’s the perfect opportunity to create a book with the no doubt hundreds of photos we will take over the festive period.


Now I’m giving one lucky person the chance to win a Photobox A4 Personalised Photobook valued at $49.95! To enter, please leave a comment answering this question: How long has it been since you last printed photos to put into an album, and what photos would you use for your photo book?

Check out Photobox Australia on Facebook for some awesome photography, great tips, and to stay up to date with their latest products and offers.  Whilst you are on Facebook, why not like my page too!

Terms & Conditions
1. This competition is open from now until Tuesday 24th of December 5pm Australian EST
2. The winner will be announced on this blog, Facebook and Twitter and will be contacted via email . Please supply a valid email address. You will have 5 days to respond, otherwise the prize will be redrawn.
3. The prize is not transferable, changeable or redeemable for cash
4. The prize will not be replaced in the event that it is stolen, lost or damaged in transit
5. Createbakemake accepts no responsibility for prizes sent on behalf of Photobox.
6. This competition is open to Australian Residents only.
7. This giveaway is not associated, sponsored, endorsed or administered by Facebook.
8. This giveaway is based on a game of skill and the most creative response will be selected as the winner.


I received this product for the specific purpose of providing an honest review. No financial compensation was received and all opinions are my own

19 thoughts on “22,000 photos and my first Giveaway!

  1. What a gorgeous album! I printed out 800 photos before I returned to work. I hadn’t printed any of baby Smiley, so was keen to get on top of it before being too busy to do it. I’m like you and constantly have my phone telling me I can’t take any more pics, but I loathe deleting them, just like you, as I may need to randomly look through them at any given time. As for iCloud, I keep getting that message on my phone but don’t know what the hell it means. Eeek. Better check that out I think!! 🙂

  2. The last lot of photos I got printed were our wedding photos in 2012. Half of them are in an album, half are still sitting in the box waiting to be put in the album. Talk about slack!
    I’d use the photo book for photos of our first baby due next week. I’ve got the photoshoot booked… So that’s a start lol

  3. I can’t remember the last time I got actual photos printed:-/ Hubby got some done to put in a frame as a surprise for me after Addie’s first birthday, and we got a photo book printed for us and the parents last Christmas, but the rest (thousands) are all on the computer like you. Photos of the kiddies are always first choice to put in a photo book, especially when I haven’t had others of them printed. Bit sad! Thanks for the reminder that I should probably organise my photos!

  4. It has been (mumble mumble) months (cough years cough) since I printed off photos. We are getting some family photos done in March next year, so depending on when I had to use this gift, would make an album of those.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  5. I haven’t updated indis albums for a year. I started sorting photos for printing over 6 months ago and had over 250 to print then (where do you draw the line with which ones to print!?)
    I have made the decision to sit down and go through a years worth of photos during the Christmas holidays and select two or three photos from each month to put into albums (whether I stick to two or three is another thing!)
    It’ll be amazing to see the difference from this time last year when Indi was so sick and now being a happy healthy little girl.
    If I was to win the photo book I think I would have to start from newborn to now. And take careful consideration to which photos I would use as I could well end up with 1000’s haha.

  6. My very last album?
    five years ago,
    a birthday compilation,
    I just love to show.

    Now there’s a trip I took just this year,
    to America to work and play,
    all these wonderful DSLR photos,
    I need to display!

    A photobook would be just great,
    the best way to share with all,
    so please pick me to win today,
    I’ll be so happy I’ll bawl!


  7. Our first baby, 6years ago, I was all about the photos, the second bubba not so much, our third baby umm-still on the iPhone! Looks like a fantastic prize.

  8. Wow 22,000 photos is impressive!!! I have not put photos into an album for a looong time! I made a photobook for our wedding and then also for a trip to Europe. I love sitting them on the coffee table and flicking through occasionally!! I have a few more holiday snaps from recently that I need to make into a photobook! 🙂

  9. I honestly can’t remember the last time I printed photos (apart from for a blog review!) I used to be an avid scrapbooker but I just don’t have the time or inclination these days. I do love the idea of a phone book.

  10. Oh, I’m just as bad as you with not deleting photos from my iphone and having all my memory used up! Your album looks fantastic! What a great Christmas idea!

  11. I printed some Polaroid-style pics from Instagram via the Picture Postie App recently for my sons second birthday. Whilst they were great decoration for the party, I’m not sure what I’ll do with the loose photos now. No doubt they’ll end up in a box somewhere. We have had 4 photoshoots of my son in his 2years, but haven’t printed a single photo! I would love to do a photo book and this would be extra motivation to ensure I do something with pics of our newest bub when they arrive in Feb ’14.

  12. I’m embarrassed to say it was just after my second child was born, FOUR YEARS AGO, and I went for a night out, by myself, not even husband, to have time out and I took his baby book and the photos and instead of posting them in, I got drunk in the spa bath by myself and ordered in room service! I still haven’t made the book. For a photo book, I think I’d do a compilation of our three children, at the same ages, eg a page with all three about the same age. It would be a little history of them growing up together!!
    If we don’t ‘speak’ before the 25th, Merry Christmas lovely!! Em x

  13. Photo books are brilliant aren’t they. I have gotten a few made myself now. The time I got photos printed out was probably about 3 years ago. I went to get some done recently and the computer told me that I had too many and there was a system error :/
    I would love to get all of the photos I have on Facebook off and into an album as a lot of the earlier photos are off a phone that I lost so I don’t have an physical copies anymore.

  14. I admittedly scanned and printed photo’s of the kids sitting with Santa this year so I could send them in christmas cards to some relatives. Prior to this I wouldn’t remember the last time I printed photo’s. I’ve been wanting, for 5 years now, to do my wedding album and then it was my daughters photo album and then my son’s. None have even been started or sorted enough to do this. Your album looks great and has given me that motivation I need to start getting my photo’s in order.

  15. June 2012. I was doing so well with making sure I printed photos after Harry was born! Sadly once I got pregnant with Alfie I got very slack and I haven’t even started an album for him 😦
    His first birthday is in March so I aim to have one done by then! We’ll see….

  16. Thank you everyone for entering – your comments have made me feel a bit better about how slack I have been! Congratulations to Karrine Beasley! I hope you have all had a great Christmas x

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