Just the two of us

Last night we had an adults only night out (and not in the x-rated way that sentence sounds)!   It was the first time since Aiden was born, and only the second time this year we have been out without the kids.

Party Time!

Party Time!

Since all of our family is interstate, we don’t have the luxury of going out by ourselves very often – to be honest, not at all!  We were very fortunate that Scott’s Christmas party coincided with a visit from my Mum – who was more than happy to look after the boys.

Luckily there were no tears (from either the boys or myself) when it was time for us to leave, and we were even able to get a couple of happy snaps of the four of us before we left.

Scott and I both enjoyed ourselves, it was nice to be out and not having to worry about Liam racing off or getting bored, or finding a quiet spot for Aiden to be fed and have asleep, but we both agreed that we missed them.  We enjoy taking them out with us, whether it be going out for dinner, or going somewhere for an adventure.

Yes it’s nice to have Mum and Dad time, to focus on our relationship, and to remember that there is more to us than being parents.  At the same time though, spending time together as a family of four is something we both truly cherish and enjoy.

Just the two of us!

Just the two of us!

How often do you have a night out without your kids?  Do you spend most of the night checking in to see how they are going?

6 thoughts on “Just the two of us

  1. We had Daniels Christmas party last night too. It was the 3rd time we have been out just the two of us this year. Last year we had two nights out. It is nice to go out just the two of us. We’ve never had an overnight stay though. Always come home.

  2. Jade and I are suiting for probably our 3rd grown-ups only outing for the year (his work xmas do) on Wednesday night… we have always been the same, if we do go out without the kids we both agree it feels “weird”. Don’t get me wrong we still go out for dinner fairly regularly and always have, but the kids come along too. I think that’s why they behave so well, and the fact that good behaviour = a play in the playground also helps

    • I agree, we’ve had a few horror outings but generally the boys are both pretty good when we are out. It’s also a good lesson for Liam to learn patience when he has to wait for his food to arrive – although he was getting a bit cranky when he saw everyone else’s toast arriving on Friday morning and they forgot his! Enjoy your night out on wednesday xx

  3. What a lovely photo of the two of you and I’m so glad you got an ‘adults only’ night out, having them every once in a while is so important. We don’t have them nearly enough, only when it’s a special occasion really which is once or twice a year!

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