Monkey See Monkey Do

With our little man racing towards his second birthday, it seems as though every day he is amazing us with new words and tricks he has discovered.  What has really been an eyeopener over the past couple of months is the role we are playing in teaching him these new skills.  This was made quite obvious over the weekend, when Liam started running around yelling ‘shoo fly’ when I picked up the can of fly spray to hunt down the couple of flies buzzing around (I have a bit of a ‘thing’ having flies buzzing around the house – Scott calls it an obsession).

It’s really only now sinking in (yes, I know I should have realised this earlier), the massive role we as parents play in shaping our kids into the people they will become.  It’s not only what we say and how we say it, but also our everyday behaviours which they observe and act out.

I'm not complaining about this!

I’m not complaining about this!

This topic came up during a conversation with friends over the weekend, and we all could relate to stories about our toddlers knowing their way around our smartphones/ipads etc. It was only last week, that I caught Liam proudly sitting up at the bench, chatting away on my phone whilst typing on the computer.  Whilst this all seems like harmless fun, it has made me much more aware of the time I spend on these devices, and trying to limit their use.

Oh dear!

Oh dear!

Fortunately (I think), he has also picked up on some of our less glamourous behaviours, and is super keen to help pack/unpack the dishwasher, vacuum and has a bizarre fascination wiping surfaces with cloths.

We have been mindful for quite some time about the language we use, to the point where I now play audiobooks and kids CDs in the car, as some of the words he started to repeat from the radio were a little disturbing – however if I hear the Wonky Donkey one more time, I will not be held responsible……..

What is the strangest behaviours/words your child has picked up from you?

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13 thoughts on “Monkey See Monkey Do

  1. Oh, I can relate to this so much! My {little} Big Girl turns two later this month, and it’s amazing what they take on board, isn’t it? She has called her Poppy a ‘wanker’ after Gran accidentally let it slip…and given the fact our reaction was to laugh, quite hysterically, it was repeated a miner of times that night… Thankfully she forgot about it the next day!

  2. My daughter currently says “Damn It” in an English accent when things go wrong……. I need to get her out of this before she starts catholic school next year.

  3. yes i have a 16mth old who does everything i do its funny MOST of the time 🙂
    yes wonkey donkey ! and i’m afraid something might happen to our justine clarke soon which will be terribly sad indeed 🙂

    • Luckily he hasn’t been introduced to Justine Clarke as yet. I will admit to ‘hiding’ wonky donkey for a couple of weeks awhile back. Between the CD AND the book, there was just a little too much donkey hanging around for my liking!

  4. My three year old copies so much of what I do. I have to be careful with language being a plumber but I’m glad to say she has picked up my better habits saying thank you when required and loves to help clean. She’s a whizz on the iPhone and iPad too.

  5. Sadly my kids grew out of wiping up spills…. I swear they have no idea what a dishcloth is anymore!

    Although BJ8 is the master of the vacuum! That kid can vacuum better than most adults I know!!

    MC xo

  6. Well that’s gotta be a good thing having a little dishwasher unpacker on your hands! Oh I totally understand about the radio.. you don’t realise the words that are being said until there are little people in the car!! xx

  7. Gorgeous pics 🙂 My little one went through a fascination with cleaning around the age of two also. I hope my one year old will do the same 🙂 My three year old said ‘stupid’ the other day and I was not impressed at all 😦

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