New Accessory

When it came to decorating the boys rooms, I was adamant they would be different.  I didn’t want Aiden’s room to be a mirror image of his brothers, or full of hand me downs. We decided (really I decided) to steer away from all white furniture as we had in Liam’s room, and went for a timber look, with bright wall decals and pictures.  The room still felt ‘not finished’ and I’ve been on the look out for awhile trying to find some unique accessories.

Whilst in Bendigo recently, I came across a gorgeous kids store called Milt & Joe.  My sister had told me about it and when I walked in I was in LOVE! It was so hard not to go crazy, I was very good and restrained myself to buying just a few things, one of which was a ‘little lamb garland’ by Down to the Woods.  I finally got around to hanging it today, and I’m really happy with how it looks.

aidens room


1 thought on “New Accessory

  1. The room looks cute and you seem to enjoy the decorating process. I agree about having a different look in each room. Hope the boys loved their rooms, as well.

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