Throwback Thursday – Butterscotch Biscuits

This week I decided to try a few recipes from the ‘McAlpin’s Test Kitchen Recipes’ book passed down from my Nan.  I’m not sure of the exact age of the book, but it’s likely from the 1950’s.

One of our family heirlooms

One of our family heirlooms

IMG_7224 IMG_7225

It’s an interesting read, with some great classic recipes, as well as some strange ones.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting some of my other attempts at recreating these recipes.

All measurements are in ounces and ‘teacups’ please click here for Australian metric conversion table

Butterscotch Biscuits

4 oz (1 teacup) self raising flour

Pinch of salt

3 oz butter

3 oz brown sugar

1 egg

Vanilla Essence (no amount is specified, I used 1 teaspoon)

12 blanched almonds

  • Sift flour and salt
  • Melt butter in a saucepan, add sugar stir until it dissolves
  • Cool and add beaten egg and vanilla essence, mix in sifter ingredients.
  • Place on a greased tray in teaspoonfuls, allowing room for the mixture to spread (The mixture is quite runny)
Yummy biscuit mixture

Yummy biscuit mixture

  • Put a piece of almond on each biscuit and bake in a moderate oven 10 to 15 minutes

** I baked my biscuits at 160 degrees (fan forced oven) for 11 minutes

End Result

End Result

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